Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greetings from Your President

Welcome to this new school year and to LEA’s new online presence. We look forward to this new communication venue as a means to share information on a more timely basis. Our goals are to:
· increase awareness of the advantages of membership,
· highlight the cost savings opportunities for members, and
· provide accurate information to help concerned citizens stay “in the know” about the issues that impact the important work we do with LCPS students. Opportunities for involvement in supporting these endeavors will be highlighted throughout the year.

The summer was busy and included such noteworthy events as the annual National Education Association (NEA) Convention in New Orleans where you were represented by twenty of your LEA member-colleagues, and regional training opportunities also attended by LEA members. Please keep your eyes and ears open throughout the year for professional Association trainings and events that may pique your interest.

We have also spent much time preparing for the coming school year. Our LEA Crisis Committee has continued to meet throughout the summer to fine-tune our collective actions for this school year. Members should have already received a green “Save the Date” postcard from us regarding our plans for three targeted time periods for Work to the Rule (WTR). Please mark your calendars for our Loudoun Education Rally on September 13 to kick off WTR. Also, we are working to involve the community in a concerted effort to ensure that our students are treated like the asset they are.

Another item that is important for you to be aware of relates to a county budget surplus from FY09 which, in LEA’s opinion, is available to restore the two scheduled furlough days for this school year. At the August 10 School Board (SB) meeting, the Board voted to make a supplemental appropriation request of the Supervisors in the amount of $4,458,000 to offset the cost of the two furlough days for all school employees. LEA is pleased this item passed unanimously that evening, with Guzman (Sugarland) absent. Please note that LEA made two separate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests of the Supervisors over the summer in order to search for documentation of any unspent funds. The school system also sought documentation of these monies. I ask you to stay tuned and be prepared to communicate with members of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) when we share details with you regarding the timing of their vote and which members will need encouragement to make the right decision in support of this budget request.

I wish you all the best as this new school year begins. Please visit our site often to stay in the know and ready for action!

~Sandy Sullivan
LEA President