Wednesday, October 13, 2010


At Tuesday night's School Board (SB) meeting, action was taken regarding the Federal Education Jobs Fund Grant. The staff recommendation to the SB was to allocate $3.6 million towards rescinding a portion of the salary reduction due to the two furlough days. That amount would have stopped the reduction of pay beginning Dec. 1, 2010, but would not return any funds already deducted to employees.

When the recommendation was published, LEA immediately contacted our Association Reps and asked them to share information about this item with all employees and email SB members encouraging them to use $4.5 million to fully fund the published salary scales for all school employees for this school year. Also, LEA contacted individual SB members and lobbied in order for this change to be made. After much debate last evening, this motion passed. This is indeed a victory realized by all of us working together.

Now...the next step…

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) must now be reminded how these federal funds coming through the state MUST make it to LCPS in total.

LEA encourages all LCPS employees to contact the BOS regarding this matter: Please email the Supervisors from your personal email address before or after school hours.

Below is a sample message for you to use as a starting point. Please begin your message with a couple of sentences regarding how the withholding of these federal monies would negatively impact you and your students. The message below can be used as a foundation but a personal story is critical to demonstrate the impact of not receiving these federal funds.

When you met on September 8th to consider a transfer of funds to LCPS for the purpose of revoking two furlough days, part of the rationale given for the majority “no” vote was that federal monies would be coming soon to LCPS, and those monies could be used for school employees. Now that the federal monies are being disbursed to the local governing bodies, I ask that you vote to expeditiously transfer the funds to LCPS. I need your critical support on this important issue.