Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LEA- Working behind the scenes for YOU

LEA works on behalf of our membership on a daily basis. Here’s one example:

Before the first School Board (SB) meeting in October, a recommended change to SB policy 2-29 Participation by the Public concerned LEA. The policy language change removed the protection for LCPS employees during public input at SB meetings. The original proposed revision would have allowed members of the public to criticize school employees in this very public (and televised) setting, with no specified limitations.

LEA immediately began conversations by email, phone and face-to-face with SB members and LCPS Division Counsel in order to advocate for the protection of employees.
Today a new staff recommendation will go before the SB at tonight’s meeting. This link (http://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/loudoun/Board.nsf/Public) includes the initial proposed language change and the new revision that LEA supports.
It is just another example how LEA supports our members!

Now we continue with the active involvement of our membership to lobby the Board of Supervisors (BOS) regarding the Federal Funds (see LEA SUCCESS: Part 1 @ http://www.leaweteach.org/)). If you have not yet sent your message to the BOS, please plan to do so today from a personal email account after school hours (the link above includes the information you need).

Another important element of our lobby efforts include public input at the BOS public input session Mon., Nov. 1 @ 7pm. LEA President, Sandy Sullivan, is signed up as speaker #2 to encourage the Supervisors to allocate $4.5 million of the Federal Funds monies to LCPS. Please plan to attend and speak in support of eliminating the pay cut LCPS employees face. Simply call 703.771.5072 to be placed on the speakers’ list. As always, LEA is happy to assist with remarks.