Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Supervisors release Federal Funds to LCPS and employees’ pay is restored…

Today the Supervisors voted 5-3-1 to release the Federal Education Jobs Fund Grant to the School Board. The pay cut from the furlough days will be undone! Thanks to all who emailed Supervisors in support of this important item, as well as those who spoke at last night's public input session. During the discussion it was stated that the Supervisors received hundreds of emails about this item. (Way to go!!) The five Supervisors in support of the transfer of funds were: Miller (Dulles), Buckley (Sugarland Run), McGimsey (Potomac), Burton (Blue Ridge) and Kurtz (Catoctin). The 3 opposed were: York (At-Large), Waters (Broad Run) and Delgaudio (Sterling). Burk (Leesburg) recused herself from the vote because she is an employee of the school system.

$4.5 million of the federal monies will restore employee pay this year and the remaining funds (approximately $5 million) will go into the 2011-2012 (FY12) budget.

This success is a perfect example of how the Association advocates for its membership, how members speak up for themselves, and how we can all make a positive impact when we stand together!