Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LCPS Employees Working to the Rule

Currently LCPS employees are engaging in work to the rule through November 19. This is “round two” of LEA’s efforts to highlight all that the school employees do for our students every day. As we all know, LCPS has been underfunded in recent years which has resulted in increased class sizes and frozen salaries for employees (and if salaries are not made whole - a pay cut). Sitting back and not speaking up for our students and ourselves is not an option.

We are putting special emphasis on American Education week, and ask that all employees wear their “We’re Worth More” buttons. This week would also be a perfect time to be vigilant about arriving on time and leaving on time each day. Please email ssullivanlea@aol.com if you need a “We’re Worth More” button.
Also, please know that we have “They’re Worth More” buttons for community members who support our efforts. If you would like to have some buttons so you can give them to parents and others, please email ssullivanlea@aol.com.

Keep our message going strong…

We’re Worth More!