Thursday, November 11, 2010

Part 2: ACTION NEEDED: Federal Funds

Please take the time today to contact the BOS members who did not vote in support of the Federal Education Jobs Fund Grant going to LCPS or do not serve on the Finance Committee. As I did yesterday, I am asking you to do two things:

~ email the Supervisors listed below to encourage them to support the Federal Jobs Funds coming to LCPS. Below is suggested text for your email—please send this email from your personal email account after school hours and include in your email how the salary freezes and pay cuts are impacting you:

Kelly Burk:
Eugene Delgaudio:
Sally Kurtz:
Andrea McGimsey:
Lori Waters:
Scott York:

Based on Wednesday’s vote of the Finance Committee, at your meeting next week you will have before you an item regarding allotting the Federal Education Jobs Fund Grant to the School Board. This item transfers all the Jobs Grant to LCPS, with roughly half to be used this year and the rest in FY12.

As an employee whose personal finances have been deeply impacted for three years, this is a small recognition of my hard work

Please support this important action next Tuesday.

~ plan to attend and speak at the public input session on Mon., Nov. 15 @ 7pm at the Government Center in Leesburg. This is our last opportunity before this important vote to make it clear to the Supervisors that LCPS students and employees are worth more. Simply call 703.771.5072 to be placed on the speakers list. Please feel free to contact me if you would like us to review your remarks.

We have worked on this important issue for several months now—this is the last push and your voice matters. Speak up.

We’re Worth More!!