Friday, February 11, 2011

School Board Adopted Budget & What You Can Do

This is a summary of School Board’s (SB) adopted budget and the next steps WE must take in the budget process.

Dr. Hatrick’s proposed budget was adopted by the SB without any changes made, so the 3% COLA & no increase in class size is still included in the budget, as well as NO action to require employees to contribute all or part of their contribution to VRS.

The adoption occurred Monday, Feb. 7, BUT on Tuesday the SB had to reconsider the two motions which ended in a tie with Guzman (Sugarland Run) absent.

The motion of greatest concern to us included only a 2% COLA with the increase only being applied to the first $75,000 of salary, a $5 increase to co-pays & a shift from all employees who are on LCPS health insurance to an individual plan cost WITH coverage of a child or spouse to be paid for BY the employee (which equates to an $800-1000 average increase/year for those impacted employees).

If you would like to see Tuesday’s discussion regarding this item, 01:34:48 is the timestamp for the beginning of that motion on the webcast:

That motion FAILED (THANKFULLY) with the following SB members in support: Stevens (Potomac), Geurin (Sterling), Guzman (Sugarland Run) & Ohneiser (Broad Run). Please know that Patsy, Pam & I will discuss how LEA should best work with those SB members who supported that drastic cut to benefits of employees.

NOTE: The other motion that did NOT pass cut 15.5 FLES positions in order to help decrease class size. Depending upon the certification & employment status of those employees whose positions would have been cut, those employees may have been able to move into a different position within LCPS.

Now we MUST turn our attention to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and encourage our membership, those who are not-yet members, parents and the entire community to do the same.

Our Association meeting will be held Wed., Feb. 23, 4:30-6pm at Harper Park MS. We will provide subs, chips, dessert and water so folks can eat dinner with us at our meeting and then head to the Government Center in Leesburg for the 6:30pm public hearing
Please plan to attend, secure 5 colleagues to join us at the budget hearing, as well as send the BOS an email ( showing your support of the SB’s adopted budget AND plan to speak (call 703.771.5072 to be placed on the speakers’ list).