Monday, February 7, 2011

School Board Budget Work Session--Feb. 7

UPDATED AT 10:32PM--Update is in italics at end of post.
UPDATED AT 10:15PM--Update is in italics below.

In order to follow the discussion and actions of the School Board at tonight's budget work session, you can follow "the action" on the LCPS website. Just search "website" on the LCPS website OR tune into channel 18 on Comcast Cable.

LEA President, Sandy Sullivan, will post important changes made to tonight's budget.

Several School Board members stated from the dais tonight that they are hopeful the budget will be adopted tonight.

As of 10:15pm on 2/7/11 several amendments have been discussed, but none have passed. At this time Dr. Hatrick's proposed budget remains as was presented.

At 10:32pm on 2/7/11 the SB adopted their budget. NO changes were made to Dr. Hatrick's proposed budget.