Monday, March 28, 2011

Contact the Supervisors for full funding of the school budget

Last week the Supervisors took a straw vote (non-binding) to cut the school budget by 1 percent. Sally Kurtz (Catoctin) moved to cut the budget by 1% as she believes the schools' transportation budget is too large. After very little discussion the straw vote was taken and passed with the following Supervisors supporting this cut to the LCPS budget:

Kurtz (Catoctin)
Delgaudio (Sterling)
York (At Large)
Burton (Blue Ridge)
McGimsey (Potomac)
Waters (Broad Run)

LEA believes it is crucial that the Supervisors listed below are contacted regarding their upcoming final decision (April 5) on funding for LCPS. Suggest talking points are provided.

Stevens Miller (Dulles) @
~ Thank you for your opposition to the straw vote to cut the school budget by 1%
~ I am counting on your continued support in order for LCPS to receive full funding.

Jim Burton (Blue Ridge) @
Sally Kurtz (Catotcin) @
Andrea McGimsey (Potomac) @
Scott York (At Large) @
~ Revenues are continuing to come in higher than expected and the needed tax rate to fully fund the schools has decreased.
~ IN YOUR OWN WORDS describe your personal experience regarding how salary freezes, increased class size, etc. has impacted you and your family.
~ LCPS is currently second to last. We want to be second to none.

The Supervisors must continue to hear from supporters of the school budget. Take time to send your message of support.

LCPS students and employees are worth more!
We’re Worth More!