Friday, December 21, 2012


We join the Newtown community and our entire nation in mourning the deaths of innocent children and educators due to violence. As members of the education community, we extend our deepest sympathies to the citizens of Newtown who have suffered such a tremendous loss.
  • NEA President Dennis Van Roekel’s response to the incident.
  • CEA President Sheila Cohen’s response to the incident.
  • HIN has produced a very useful Crisis Guide which gives guidance on how to respond before, during and after a crisis. This may be useful answering the questions like, “How can we be better prepared to avoid or deal with a similar incident. There are some particularly helpful areas of the guide: How Parents and Other Caring Adults Can Help ; How Teachers can Help; Being responsive during a crisis
  • NEA Today published the following article Lessons on Loss: How a school community heals after a student dies, which provides tips and ideas about how talk about and deal with student death and loss.