Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Underfunding hurts....LEA is sharing YOUR story

Before the holidays, we asked you to share your stories about how underfunding of Loudoun County's public schools is hurting students, staff, parents, and our community as a whole. You’ve responded with some incredible testimonials. Here’s just one example:

“I see my neighbor’s children not getting the up to date technology that they need. I see that their class sizes are too large for elementary classrooms. I see teachers having to supply simple things like tissues, pencils, and paper. I chose to live in Loudoun County because of the schools and now I see these fine schools being nickeled and dimed to death.” - Loudoun County Tax Payer

Want to read more stories like this one? We’ve compiled a 56 page story book full of incredible testimonials. Check it out by clicking the link below:
Loudoun Education Association: Share Your Budget Story Book

Together, we can make a difference and get our growing schools the funding they desperately need. Here are two easy things that you can do right now to help move us forward:

1. Click here to sign the petition and then share your underfunding story

2. Sign up for our January 21st Day of Action at: http://bit.ly/LEADayOfAction1

What’s the January 21st Day of Action? Good question.  On the 21st LEA is organizing a large group of people to attend and/or speak in support of a fully-funded, needs-based budget at the School Board’s public input session.  If we want to stop the pattern of underfunding we must let our public officials know we support them making tough decisions in the interest of our students, schools, and community.  For more information on the Day of Action and to sign up go to: http://bit.ly/LEADayOfAction1