Friday, February 21, 2014

Mobilizing for the Budget

Under funding of our school system is hurting our students, parents, staff, and the community as a whole.  This year, we have a chance to push through a budget that starts to fix the effects of under funding, and you can help make this happen. We must mobilize to let the Board of Supervisors know that we want the budget FULLY FUNDED. The LEA is organizing people to attend and/or speak at the Board of Supervisors' budget input sessions on February 26th & March 1st.  

Please go to to register for an event. 

We must mobilize the community.  The board needs to hear from taxpayers and voters.  Talk to your neighbors, friends, and relatives who live in the county.  Encourage ALL to attend the events and preferably speak.  We must inundate the BOS with positive reinforcement for fully funding the budget.  Email your Supervisor urging him/her to support the budget.  Emphasize if you are a taxpayer and voter.  Only through our combined efforts can we force the change we desire.