Monday, March 31, 2014

Act NOW for Additional Funding

Last week, LEA, along with community members, held a press conference on the underfunding of the School Board budget.  The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors was asked to listen to their constituents who overwhelmingly support full funding of the LCPS budget.

The BOS will set the finalized tax rate on Wednesday, April 2.  Some BOS members may be willing to raise the tax rate, tentatively set in a recent straw poll, by a few pennies which would give the School Board budget additional funding.  Ideally we want a tax rate that would fully fund the schools, however a few pennies is better than the equalized tax rate.  Read what Supervisor Kenneth Reid said in his newsletter.

Click here to send an email from your personal email account to ask Supervisor Reid to bring this up for a vote on April 2nd and click here to RSVP for the LEA Day of Action on Wednesday.

-The LEA Team