Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LCPS RIF Letters

Today, I spoke to Dr. Hough, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services, regarding the 5800+ Reduction in Force (RIF) letters going out tomorrow to certified employees.  Under LCPS Policy 7-73, there is a requirement that RIF notifications must be sent within two weeks of the BOS setting the tax rate, which would be April 16th.  Since the School Board keeps discussing different positions to possibly cut and the budget reconciliation is not complete, Administration cannot narrow down possible RIF's to a specific area.  So, to meet the RIF notification requirements, Administration is sending letters of possible RIF's to all employees who possess a VDOE teaching license. Principals will be briefed tomorrow (4/9/14) and start having staff meetings as soon as possible.  No definite RIF's have been decided yet.  It is hoped that if and when positions are eliminated, those employees can be relocated through attrition.

Please remember that the RIF notices are precautionary and nothing is final until the School Board reconciles the Budget, which should take place by the end of April.

LEA will keep you updated as we receive more information.

Thanks For All You Do,

Joey Mathews
Loudoun Education Association

Click here to view the LCPS Policy 7-73

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