Thursday, May 8, 2014

LEA Statement Regarding the Loudoun Valley HS Investigation

Statement from the Loudoun Education Association regarding the Loudoun Valley High School investigation

The Loudoun Education Association followed proper procedures in filing a complaint for the employees at Loudoun Valley High School. In June of 2013, when the Loudoun Valley High School members came to LEA with their complaints, the complaints were outside of the 15 day requirement by the Code of Virginia to file a formal grievance. Therefore, LEA met with members, gathered their written and signed documentation, and filed a formal complaint with the LCPS administration requesting a full and complete investigation into the allegations against Principal Ross and her administration.

We teach our students that bullying and harassment cannot be tolerated. LEA members stood up against bullying and harassing behaviors and their voices have been ignored.

LCPS administration is attempting to avoid their responsibility to deal with this serious issue by confusing the public with inaccurate allegations of technicalities. At the end of the day, the LCPS administration has the responsibility to ensure a safe and professional environment for their staff and students.

The Loudoun Education Association properly processed this complaint on behalf of our members. Nearly a year has passed and it is long overdue for the LCPS Administration and School Board to take action and deal with the serious documented complaints from school employees at Loudoun Valley High School.

The employees at Loudoun Valley High School and the community deserve