• Chair: Dave Palanzi
  • Tim Brown, Spanish teacher, Woodgrove HS
  • Mary Hughes, Counselor, Balls Bluff ES
  • Carl Mackey, Health & Physical Education, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Ryan Mikulsky, Dean, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Venita Molina, Library Assistant, Tuscarora HS
  • Faye Sterling, Grade 2, Balls Bluff ES
  • Gina Toynbee, Kindergarten, Horizon ES
  • Peggie Tyree, Health & Physical Education, Riverside HS
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director
The Compensation Committee is responsible for setting the conversation with the administration around areas of compensation and climate within LCPS. The committee will determine areas for discussion around budget and policy priorities of all members and will communicate these with to Dr. Williams and his staff. LEA’s recommendations will also be used to frame our conversations with the School Board and the Board of Supervisors at budget time.


  • Chair:  Sandy Sullivan, Grade 3, Legacy ES 
  • Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Christine Casuccio, Special Education, Harper Park MS
  • Melissa Muszynski, STEP (Pre K), Sully ES
  • Dave Palanzi, President, LEA
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director
The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting member benefits, recognizing members, organizing workshops and community events, planning socials, and assisting new employees. Our goal is to increase and retain members.

NewEd – Loudoun

  • Chair: Alexa Severo, Kindergarten, Sugarland ES 
NewEd - Loudoun was created to provide opportunities to network, become involved, stay active, and have fun as a new educator in Loudoun County.
A primary focus of this group is to keep Loudoun's new educators connected and to provide opportunities to support each other and to connect with the community.

Government Relations 

  • Chair: Sandy Sullivan, 3rd grade teacher, Legacy ES
  • Julie Ruhlen, Reading Specialist, Harper Park MS
  • Claire Scholz, LEA-R
  • Jonathan Radow, English, Farmwell Station MS
  • Jeff Dunn, Social Science, Dominion HS
  • Nick Harding, Social Science, Potomac Falls HS 
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director
The Government Relations Committee is responsible for organizing community groups, educational staff, and businesses to advocate for support of creating strong public schools. Our goal is to ensure that the policy makers make the best decisions for our students, staff, and schools.


  • Chair: Lisa Maxvill, Business/Keyboarding, Seneca Ridge MS
  • Laura Gray, Reading Specialist, Park View HS
  • Steven Meyer, Learning Resource, Harper Park MS
  • Melissa Muszynski, STEP (Pre K), Sully ES
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director
Goals of Committee
  1. Support LEA in achieving our goals by communicating our message and actions through all media.
  2. Promote and support all our members by illustrating their actions as education professionals.
  3. Provide support to internal LEA communication needs. 

Transportation Caucus

  • Dave Palanzi, LEA President
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director
All meetings are at the LEA Office from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM and include lunch.
Meetings will be held on Teacher Workdays.
The 2017-2018 Schedule will be announced soon.

*Meetings are open to all members-please pre-register no later than noon the day prior to the meeting. RSVP: 


  • Chair: Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Andrea Jordan, English, Heritage HS
  • Christina Rameriz, Grade 2, Sterling ES
  • Patricia Lockwood, IFT, Sterling MS
  • Celeste Liscowski, LEA - R 
  • Debbie Harris, LEA Office Manager

LEA/VEA Elections

  • Chair: Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Loretta Hall, LEA - R
  • Sue Clark, LEA - R
  • Debbie Harris, LEA Office Manager


  • Chair: Melissa Muszynski, STEP (Pre K), Sully ES
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director

LEA Community Outreach

  • Chair: Dave Palanzi
  • Sandy Sullivan, Grade 3, Legacy ES
  • Melissa Muszynski, STEP (Pre K), Sully ES
  • Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS

LEA-Retired (LEA-R

  • Claire Scholz, President
  • Loretta Hall, Vice President
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director