LEA Officers & Committees

Here are your LEA Officers
  • David Palanzi, LEA President
  • Sandy Sullivan, Vice President, Third grade teacher at Legacy Elementary 
  • Melissa Muszynski, Secretary, Preschool teacher at Sully Elementary
  • Tim Brown, Treasurer, Spanish teacher at Woodgrove HS
Your LEA Board of Directors
  • Patricia Caldwell-Wilson, Second grade teacher at Sugarland Elementary
  • Mitch Cunningham, Electrician at Facilities Services
  • Corey Griswold, Social science teacher at Sterling MS
  • Alison MacArthur, Learning Resource teacher at Trailside MS
  • Steve Meyer, Learning Resource teacher at Harper Park MS
  • Christina Ramirez, Second grade teacher at Forest Grove Elementary
  • Wendy Yacoub, Social Science teacher at Tuscarora HS
  • Erin Zearfoss, Reading Specialist at Cardinal Ridge Elementary
  • Claire Scholz, LEA-Retired

List of LEA Committees & Chairs
  • Membership – Sandy Sullivan & Erin Zearfoss
  • NewEd – Loudoun – Alexa Severo & Ryan Mikulsky
  • Government Relations – Julie Ruhlen
  • Scholarship – Tim Brown
  • Transportation Caucus – Dave Palanzi
  • LEA-R – Claire Scholz
  • Compensation – Dave Palanzi
  • LEA/VEA Elections – Tim Brown
  • Communications – Corey Griswold
  • Data – Melissa Muszynski