Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Member Highlight

November 2017

Steven Meyer is a Learning Specialist  teaching math to students with disabilities.  He studied at Rutgers and Shenandoah Universities and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in  Biological Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. This is his eighth year teaching at Harper Park Middle School.

Meyer has served on the LEA Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and on various LEA Committees.  He has also played the role of  LEA's Cat in the Hat in past Halloween Parades, which he confesses  was “tons of fun.” Currently he   serves as a Harper Park Middle School's Association rep and is a member of LCPS' Math Textbook Acquisition Committee.

Steven says that "teaching is always a challenge that requires constant growth on the part of the teacher. We need to consistently provide skills and the ability to think critically to an ever-changing palate of learners. We strive to be mentors and often 'parents' to those in need. We're required to be astute and humble enough to learn from colleagues, offer collaboration, and sometimes leadership when the opportunity demands.

“We live with the constant uncertainty of not knowing who our individual students become nor what they will achieve in the years ahead, but we can be certain that we play a crucial role in creating citizens. That's a wonderful feeling and a big responsibility."

The LEA Communications Committee thanks Steven for his service.