Friday, December 8, 2017

Stand with LEA to Support a Living Wage

Please stand with LEA to support a Living Wage for all employees

Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30 pm
School Board Meeting (LCPS Admin Building)

Could you live in Loudoun on a salary of $24,872? This is the starting salary for a full time custodian.
A living wage is needed by our full-time support personnel.  A living wage (as determined by the calculator at for a single adult in Loudoun County is $32,659. A living wage is defined as the ability to pay rent, food, utilities, taxes, health care, and transportation expenses.

Did you know for example that it takes 15 years for a full-time custodian to earn a living wage, 10 years for a head custodian or bus driver, and a teaching assistant must work for more than 22 years to earn a living wage.

Why should you care?
  • Education Support Personnel are vital to the excellent education Loudoun’s kids deserve.
  • Stability for our students. Employee absenteeism and turnover rates will decrease.
  • High quality school climate. Employee morale and productivity will improve.
  • Give them dignity. Workers will become less reliant on costly social services.
Support a living wage for school employees.
  • Stand with LEA at the School Board meeting on December 12th at 6:30 p.m.
  • Speak to the School Board
  • Email the School Board
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local paper
The Loudoun Education Association recommends a Living Wage for all employees

For additional information click the link and join us as we fight for living wages!