List of LEA Committees & Chairs

  • Compensation & Climate – David Palanzi, Business Teacher, Briar Woods HS
  • Elections – 
  • ESP (Education Support Professional) Caucus –  Karen Tyrrell, Digital Experience Specialist, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Government Relations – Sandy Sullivan, President
  • LEA-Retired – Claire Scholz, President
  • Membership – Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Minority Caucus –  Dana Foddrell, Kindergarten, Leesburg ES
  • Scholarship –  Christina Ramirez, Kindergarten, Sterling ES
  • Social Justice Caucus –  Tracie Lane, Librarian, Cardinal Ridge ES
  • Transportation Caucus – Sandy Sullivan, President

Compensation & Climate

  • Chair: Dave Palanzi, Business Teacher, Briar Woods HS
  • Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Patrick Buckley, Grade 1, Forest Grove ES
  • Melissa Muszynski, STEP, Evergreen Mill ES
  • Barb Plunkett, Bookkeeper, Lightridge HS
  • Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Faye Sterling, Grade 2, Balls Bluff ES
  • Sandy Sullivan, President
  • Karen Tyrrell, Digital Experience Specialist, Belmont Ridge MS
  • Allyne Zappalla, Social Worker, Stone Bridge HS
  • Kelly Byrd, UniServ Director
The Compensation & Climate Committee is responsible for setting the conversation with the administration around areas of compensation and climate within LCPS. The committee will determine areas for discussion around budget and policy priorities of all members and will communicate these with to Dr. Williams and his staff. LEA’s recommendations will also be used to frame our conversations with the School Board and the Board of Supervisors at budget time.
Compensation & Climate Committee Meeting Dates:
Thursday 4:45 p.m. @ LEA Office unless otherwise noted.
  • November TBA with Dr. Williams


  • Chair:  Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Kris Acker, Teaching Assistant, Willard IS
  • Christine Casuccio, Retired
  • Helen Decker, Teaching Assistant, Forest Grove ES
  • Michelle Moses, Special Education, Loudoun County HS
  • Kiera Poplawski, Math, Park View HS
  • Angela Powner, Grade 5, Discovery ES
  • Amanda Stoermer, ESL, Park View & Stone Bridge HS
  • Shirlita West, Teaching Assistant, Farmwell Station MS
  • Sandy Sullivan, President, LEA
  • Kelly Byrd, UniServ Director
The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting member benefits, recognizing members, organizing workshops and community events, planning socials, and assisting new employees. Our goal is to increase and retain members.
Membership Committee Meeting Dates:
The first Wednesday of the month at 4:45 p.m. @ LEA Office unless otherwise noted.
  • Coming Soon

Government Relations (GR)

  • Chair: Sandy Sullivan, President
  • Kris Acker, Teacher Assistant, Willard IS
  • Cory Brunet, ELL & World Languages, Broad Run HS
  • Adrian Carpio, Social Science, Farmwell Station MS
  • George Cassutto, Social Science, Harmony MS
  • Darryl Dawson, Science, Seneca Ridge MS
  • Jeff Dunn, Social Science, Dominion HS
  • Laura Gray, Reading, Park View HS
  • Tracie Lane, Librarian, Cardinal Ridge ES
  • Jonathan Radow, English, Farmwell Station MS
  • Claire Scholz, LEA-Retired
  • Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Bertha Tiffany, LEA-Retired
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director
The Government Relations Committee is responsible for organizing community groups, educational staff, and businesses to advocate for support of creating strong public schools. Our goal is to ensure that the policy makers make the best decisions for our students, staff, and schools.
Government Relations Committee Meeting Dates: 
The third Monday of the month at 4:45 p.m. @ LEA Office unless otherwise noted.
  • Coming Soon

LEA-PAC (Political Action Committee)

  • Chair: Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Co-Chair: Michelle Moses, Special Education, Loudoun County HS
  • All LEA – PAC contributors are automatically members of this committee.
The LEA – PAC is the voluntary political action arm of the Loudoun Education Association.
Our mission is to help elect friends of public education to in Loudoun. The LEA – PAC makes campaign contributions to candidates running for the offices of School Board and Board of Supervisors.

The LEA – PAC plays a crucial role in making sure public education values are at the forefront of candidates’ campaigns in Loudoun. With a strong LEA – PAC, public education advocates can elect champions to office and defend our values.

Member dues to the Loudoun Education Association are not used for purposes of direct advocacy of candidates and are not utilized by the LEA – PAC.


Goals of Committee
  1. Support LEA in achieving our goals by communicating our message and actions through all media.
  2. Promote and support all our members by illustrating their actions as education professionals.
  3. Provide support to internal LEA communication needs. 
Communications Committee Meeting Dates: 

Transportation Caucus

  • Sandy Sullivan, LEA President
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director
All meetings are at the LEA Office from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM and include lunch.

Meetings may be held on Teacher Workdays.

*Meetings are open to all members-please pre-register no later than noon the day prior to the meeting. RSVP:


  • Chair: Christina Rameriz, Kindergarten, Sterling ES
  • Tim Brown, Spanish, Woodgrove HS
  • Andrea Jordan, English, Heritage HS
  • Loree Bendel, Secretary, Sterling MS
  • Celeste Liscowski, LEA-Retired 
  • Trisha Lockwood, LEA-Retired
  • Debbie Harris, LEA Office Manager


  • Chair: Vacant
  • Loretta Hall, LEA-Retired
  • Sue Clark, LEA-Retired
  • Debbie Harris, LEA Office Manager

LEA-Retired (LEA-R

  • Claire Scholz, President
  • Loretta Hall, Vice President
  • Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director
Join VEA-Retired

Your membership in VEA-Retired and NEA-Retired helps your Association achieve its goals for schools, for active school employees, and for retirees. Providing security and dignity for school retirees has always been a high priority for VEA, and you can help through your membership. We also have a growing list of active local VEA-Retired chapters that will welcome your participation and continued fellowship.

Who's Eligible

VEA-Retired and NEA-Retired are programs of the Virginia Education Association and National Education Association for those who have retired from employment in the field of public education. Lifetime membership in VEA-Retired is available to retired educators and active VEA members prior to their retirement.

Membership is open to all who worked in Virginia public schools, even if they now live out of state, and were Active Association members for at least five (5) years.

Benefits of Membership

Among the benefits of being a VEA-Retired member:
  • Staying connected with fellow NEA members and programs
  • Opportunities to share your expertise by volunteering and mentoring
  • Supporting political and legislative efforts to protect your retirement resources
  • Excellent, cost-saving programs such as Medicare supplement insurance and our long- term care insurance program
  • Continuing subscriptions to The Virginia Journal of Education, the VEA’s retiree newsletter, VEA-R Connections, and the NEA’s retiree  magazine, This Active Life
  • A variety of other money-saving member benefits, such as insurance programs, credit programs, loan and mortgage programs, deposit savings accounts, and investment programs

A note to members who have retired but have chosen to return to part-time or full-time teaching in a special program: VEA-R membership was not designed nor priced for members who are employed either on a full-time or a part-time basis.  VEA-R membership provides only limited UniServ assistance and does not cover the member for employment-related problems.  Thus, if you are teaching on a full or part-time basis, you should become an Active Member in order to make use of your UniServ Director’s expertise or to participate in the VEA/NEA Legal Services Program (Kate Frank- Dushane Program).

Lifetime Members and Pre-Retired Subscribers will not be required to pay additional dues at any time in the future for any reason.  Annual members will be sent a renewal form each year prior to September 1.

Updated  July 2020