Your UniServ Directors

Jake Lemann has worked for the Virginia Education Association since 2004 and was a UniServ Director in Utah for three years before moving to Virginia. He transferred to Loudoun after serving in the offices of Mountain View UniServ in Fredericksburg and then in Fairfax. Jake received his bachelor’s degree in geology from Brown University and he did graduate work in geology at the University of Cincinnati. Prior to becoming a UniServ Director, Jake taught math, science, and computers in an alternative high school.  During his teaching years, Jake was active in the Association, serving as an Association Representative, local Executive Board member, and state Executive Board member. Jake also served on his local’s bargaining team for five years.

Jake Lemann, UniServ Director: 

Christy Sullivan has worked for the Virginia Education Association since 1990. She transferred to LEA after 18 years with the Prince William Education Association. Christy holds degrees from James Madison University. She taught instrumental and vocal music in the Augusta County Public School system for seven years prior to becoming a UniServ Director for the Arizona Education Association. She returned to the VEA in 1990, assigned to the Fairfax EA office. Christy is a trainer for the NEA Bargaining Behavior cadre and is certified as a True Colors International facilitator.

Christy Sullivan, UniServ Director: